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After surgical resectioning, two patients are seizure-free and the third has experienced a significant reduction in seizures. These preliminary results suggest that it is possible to direct surgical planning and locate epileptogenic zones cortical electrode grid strip using the described imaging and integrating methods. This study investigated a high-resolution subspace source localization approach, FINE first principle vectors to image the locations and estimate the extents of current sources from the scalp EEG. The main advantage of subdural grids is that they cover a large area of cortex. Electrocorticography ECoGor intracranial electroencephalography iEEGis a type of electrophysiological monitoring that uses electrodes placed directly on the exposed surface of the brain to record cortical electrode grid strip activity from the cerebral cortex. Each patient was evaluated using structural MRI, long-term video EEG monitoring with scalp electrodes, and subsequently with subdural electrodes. ECoG electrode arrays typically consist of sixteen sterile, disposable stainless steel, carbon tip, platinum, Platinum-iridium alloy or gold ball electrodes, each mounted on a ball and socket joint for ease in positioning. A number of different methods of intracranial monitoring are possible. Penfield and Jasper also used electrical stimulation during ECoG recordings cortical electrode grid strip patients undergoing epilepsy surgery under local anesthesia.

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