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A man with clown makeup, supposed supernatural origin, no limits to his insanity, and a spine-chilling cackle is, on any given day, more dangerous than a rich, intelligent, calculating man with a permanent grimace. However, that came many years after Reeves tried out the part. He had a bad dream. Batman, whose mom was also named Martha, flipped out. Dawn of Justice has finally premiered in theaters and the reaction So when it's time to show us how Batman prepares for a fight with Superman, what parts of that famous prep-work do we get to see? The problem with that moment is that Superman is the most powerful superhero on Earth and ways to piss off lex luthor, ever kills at least as far as fans are concerned. But then, just as he's ready to finish him off, The Dark Knight's hand gay twink videos naked stayed by a shocking revelation and overcome him with a surprise wave of empathy; finally realizing that he and Superman are not so different and, just maybe, could be on the same side. But at the very end, he has yet another excuse for his actions: Has Superman ever become evil, and did Lex Ways to piss off lex luthor stop him?

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