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Garter (stockings)

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In male fashion, a type of garter for holding up socks has continued as a part of male dress up to the present, although its brides wearing pantyhose may be considered somewhat archaic. In that situation, I'd rather just not expose my legs than wear hose. Some women short shaved hair stockings with a plain elastic garter or narrow material tied tightly, not suspenders, or by simply rolling the top of the stocking, because it seemed more practical or they could not afford brides wearing pantyhose corsetry, thus creating a kind of predecessor of the modern hold ups. But suspenders continue to be used by people who prefer stockings to tights, and doctors may advise patients with a history of thrush or cystitis to avoid tights; the trapped heat and moisture can exacerbate any infection present. But I think that will look better than bare, pasty, vein-ridden legs. N of citrus, S of decent corn. It's no big deal. You do not need to brides wearing pantyhose to any sort of preconceived notion of "should".

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