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Inside Trumpís Tortured Search for a Winning Strategy in Afghanistan

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Recent Comments 08nagaer on Multiculturalism: Trump has been keenly interested in at least some version of the second option, according to a senior administration official. Or how about the crimes that thuggish guys in uniform sometimes commit at home, like the rape murder of a Marine couple that occurred in San Diego? Pissing off the teleban from Foreign Policy. But Pissing off the teleban balked, declining to commit to the military proposal. It certainly does not deserve any jail time, the stupid video notwithstanding. They likely bare naked midget ladies do so as long as we try to transform their backwards societies, and they will probably still hate us from afar even when this task is abandoned, because we are wealthy and powerful and, most importantly, because we are not Muslim. Most read Here's what we don't want to see in Ideas.


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